Welcome To A Brother's World

Welcome To A Brother's World

is invited, whether you understand our world and can relate or not. We hope you find our world both entertaining and interesting.
If you're a girl, you may have a brother, but you will never have the responsibility of being one. (Being a sister has its own set of responsibilities.)
If you're an only son, you may have sisters and therefore are a brother, but your experience as a brother relating to sisters is different than having another guy (other than Dad) in the house to relate to.
Moreover, if you're a brother who has a brother, but is separated in age by several years, your sibling connection will likely vary from our experience as well.
Regardless of your sibling status or experience, I am sure you will benefit from viewing our brotherhood. If you don't find benefit, I hope you at least find amusement.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bonds of Laughter - part II

Joel here... I agree that humor creates a bond... a James Bond. Ha. Some of my most memorable brotherly experiences have definitely involved laughter. The moment Steven described below I remember very well, in fact, I recently retold the story to someone (prior to the blog posting). I still smile when I think of it.

For me, it's always fun to make Steven laugh and anticipate his retort. We once had each other laughing so hard we soiled ourselves. Not really, but can you imagine? And that's one of our favorite methods to make each other laugh... we go to an extreme and actually use the phrase "can you imagine" or "yeah, like (and then explain the outlandish scenario)."

As for the laughter at my grandfather's prayer, here's the story: Steven, myself, and our father were visiting our grandparents. We had plans for later, (a movie I think), and prior to our departure, we were to have a "quick word of prayer" and my father even indicated (to his father) that we were in a bit of hurry. Well, after ten minutes with no end in sight, I couldn't help but think of how funny it was that even after being told of our haste, my grandfather was covering everything, including salvation for the devil (not really, but can you imagine?). I began to giggle as he took on yet another subject and the more he prayed, the funnier it became to me. Finally, I couldn't hold it in any longer so I went to the restroom and laughed out loud.

When I regained my composure, I returned the prayer vigil, still in full swing, and after a few moments, laughed out loud again with Steven snickering as well. The prayer ended shortly thereafter and my father made us apologize. Later he told us that he almost lost it too. Classic.

I too miss having my brother nearby to create more laughter bonds.


  1. That is too funny. I have been in prayer times like that, especially around a meal time. Some people pray for the world while we are all sitting there hungry and ready to eat.

    Blessings Comrades,

  2. "Comrade"... nice use of the term and very appropriate around the subject of prayer.