Welcome To A Brother's World

Welcome To A Brother's World

is invited, whether you understand our world and can relate or not. We hope you find our world both entertaining and interesting.
If you're a girl, you may have a brother, but you will never have the responsibility of being one. (Being a sister has its own set of responsibilities.)
If you're an only son, you may have sisters and therefore are a brother, but your experience as a brother relating to sisters is different than having another guy (other than Dad) in the house to relate to.
Moreover, if you're a brother who has a brother, but is separated in age by several years, your sibling connection will likely vary from our experience as well.
Regardless of your sibling status or experience, I am sure you will benefit from viewing our brotherhood. If you don't find benefit, I hope you at least find amusement.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Heading In Too

I am excited that Steven is dragging me along with him on this blogging experiment, although if he's the one "heading in," that makes me the "rest that follows," which is none too flattering. However, this is our typical pattern... Steven forges ahead and I come trailing behind... he's was the first of us to leave home and go to Christ for the Nations. A few years later, after we had returned home, he relocated back to Dallas a year ahead of me. He got married first, had children first. Yes, he's always a step ahead, until now... I'm going to start a web log for the two of us... wait Doh!

For my part, I shall always endeavor to be honest, truthful, and non-liar-like (HTNLL). And to me, these are three completely separate attributes. I've known many honest liars as well as truthful non-liars who were anything but honest. But you can trust that what I write will adhere to the HTNLL code; although I may exaggerate some things for effect. For example, I find it hard to text due to my fingers being the size of watermelons. This is an exaggeration as I've become quite adept at texting despite my incredibly large (and refreshing) fingers. Did you ever see the movie Big with Tom Hanks? Remember that giant piano keyboard he plays in the toy store? That's the size of my fold-out cell phone keyboard... I have to run on it. When I type ROFL, I literally am... not because it's so funny, but because it's the fastest way to text.

Well, enough for my first entry. I look forward to more serious conversations as well as the silly.


  1. Too funny! Joel and Steven, welcome to the blog world! I am really looking forward to what comes from you two.

  2. joel, you crack me up. always have. always will. :)