Welcome To A Brother's World

Welcome To A Brother's World

is invited, whether you understand our world and can relate or not. We hope you find our world both entertaining and interesting.
If you're a girl, you may have a brother, but you will never have the responsibility of being one. (Being a sister has its own set of responsibilities.)
If you're an only son, you may have sisters and therefore are a brother, but your experience as a brother relating to sisters is different than having another guy (other than Dad) in the house to relate to.
Moreover, if you're a brother who has a brother, but is separated in age by several years, your sibling connection will likely vary from our experience as well.
Regardless of your sibling status or experience, I am sure you will benefit from viewing our brotherhood. If you don't find benefit, I hope you at least find amusement.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Put your head first and the rest will follow

Apparently the art of blogging has been popular for at least, what? 2 years now?  I am not a complete moron when it comes to the cyber world, but to be honest, I had to look up what BLOG stood for this week, just to catch up a little.  In spite of my ignorance and reluctance, I have had the unction to blog for a couple of months.  Though I really don't know what I'm doing or why others (you) would want to read what we post on a regular basis, I am jumping in to the blogging thing and dragging my brother in with me.  (Man! There's a lot of pressure that comes with creating a blog.)

"Put your head first and the rest will follow," my mom would say.  So that is what I am doing.  You may not want to waste your time keeping up with this blog until we've made our way past some growing pains, but if you do, thanks.  Hopefully we will learn fast and keep you interested.  Besides, most of everything we do on the computer can be chalked up to Wasting Time, so why not waste it here, right?

When I write "...dragging my brother in with me" I mean it.  I haven't even talked to him about this idea yet.  He has no clue that I have started this blog, or that it is about us, or that he is required to be co-creator with me.  I suppose I should tell him soon.  When I do, I will post how it went.  As you may imagine, this might be a very short-lived blog if he doesn't like it.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! (Yes, you may need to look that one up too, unless by some stroke of genius you are instantaneously able to decipher what it means, which also means that you are neither a moron, nor behind the times and indeed a genius, which of course you are...)

    Anyways, good to see you starting this blog WITH your brother. :-)

    Looking forward to reading what you guys have to say (and it better be good, otherwise I might feel like I am wasting my time, which would be utterly catastrophic as I don't have time to waste.) How's that for pressure?


  2. can't wait to hear what he has to say about it. I think you (guys) will do great!