Welcome To A Brother's World

Welcome To A Brother's World

is invited, whether you understand our world and can relate or not. We hope you find our world both entertaining and interesting.
If you're a girl, you may have a brother, but you will never have the responsibility of being one. (Being a sister has its own set of responsibilities.)
If you're an only son, you may have sisters and therefore are a brother, but your experience as a brother relating to sisters is different than having another guy (other than Dad) in the house to relate to.
Moreover, if you're a brother who has a brother, but is separated in age by several years, your sibling connection will likely vary from our experience as well.
Regardless of your sibling status or experience, I am sure you will benefit from viewing our brotherhood. If you don't find benefit, I hope you at least find amusement.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

To The Extreme

Yay!  Joel signed in and joined the blog (just like I knew he would).  I reread his first post this morning and laughed all over again.  Humor is one area that Joel has definitely lead the way in.  It was Joel who told me my first knock-knock joke.  It was Joel who first appreciated the Far Side.  It was Joel who first laughed at the earthquake that hit Haiti.  Wait a minute; that wasn't funny.  Anyway, he has always been able to crack me up.  I look forward to the ongoing humor that comes from his posts.

Indeed, laughing at and with each other (sometimes at other people) has been a strong bonding agent for our relationship since our childhood.  I suppose laughter and humor is such an agent for all relationships.  Our typical humor is based on hyperbole.  We have always got a kick out of the extremes.  Creative phrases like "imagine if..." and "so imagine if..."  and "imagine..." and "...if" made a great path for laughter.  Even extreme actions would be taken, just to make each other crack up (or at least crack a smile).  Nothing too gross or obscene, just things akin to using the subtle tactic of placing normal background noise in the forefront of one's consciousness by extending its duration longer than expected.  For example, I might stand behind Joel while he was reading or watching TV and brush my teeth... for a long time (longer than the Jonas brothers).  I would keep brushing until he realized that I was being extreme and therefore acknowledge me.  Once acknowledged, the joke was over and I would spit.

Living several states apart and seeing each other less than once a year has somewhat cramped our opportunities to annoy each other with such ploys.  I know we have both tried such antics on our wives, but the response isn't the same.  With them, we are more likely to get rolling eyes and a back hand than a chuckle. Nevertheless, Joel and I have lots of memories to pull from and we laugh about them over the phone as they are recalled.

(By the way, my reference to the Jonas brothers is based upon two things.  First, as I recall my time with them on tour when they were young children, they literally brushed their teeth for a long time.  Apparently, Kevin and Denise are big on oral hygiene.  Second, I am dropping their name in hopes of expanding our Blog's audience to include people who might Google: Jonas Brothers + Teeth + Brushing Duration.)


  1. that's exactly how I found this blog! so cool that you've seen them brush their teeth!

  2. My drink just shot out of my nose as I was reading and saw the Earthquake comment! I remember you taking stuff people said literally, like "man, he's got some long ___ hair" and laugh about it. Great stuff guys.

  3. Rick, I'm so happy that you are gonna follow this blog. There is no doubt about how significant a role you played in some of most laughable memories. I hope this blog is becomes another connecting point to you and Rhonda as well.